Lost Ark Game Guide: Some Important Side Quests Players Should Not Skip in Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an MMORPG that consists of a large amount of quests for players to complete. For instance, story quests, Adventure Quests, and Island Token Completion Quests. Most of them are considered as the Side Quests. Players should try to find the beneficial kind of side quests to complete in Lost Ark. You need to pay attention to some kinds of side quests in the game. Meanwhile, if players are willing to collect some rare materials in the game, you can use Cheap Lost Ark Gold to select them for crafting more useful items in Lost Ark.

Sides Quests That Reward For Skill Points

As one of the most important branch of Side Quests in Lost Ark, the Side Quests that reward players for Skill Point Potions. When players reach level 50, players are not likely to obtain the crucial Skill Points. And every Skill Points Potions will be useful in the later stage of Lost Ark, because they can use them to get more Skills in the Tripod or reach at Level 55 and higher.

Now, players can find these Skill Point Potions as rewards for various collectibles like Giant Hearts and Island Tokens. Players can choose to complete these Side Quests in the proper levels quickly.

Side Quests That Reward For Engraving Books

As starting their first Abyss Dungeon, players will pay attention to their Accessories, such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. They have inborn Class Engravings as well as the standard Combat Engravings. Players should aware that these Engravings combined with combat-related tips can be used to deal with the hard endgame content.

So, players can begin to upgrade their Class Engravings to Level two and three with the Uncommon Level. However, if you want to build more powerful stats of these items, you need to require Rare Engraving Books which can be used to max out an Engraving Activation. In order to get enough Rare-tier Engraving Books, players should focus on the Side Quests which are associated with Engraving Books.

Side Quests That Reward For Honing Materials

It is easy for players to hone a piece of equipment from low levels in Lost Ark as long as players have complete relevant Tasks. If players want to hone a piece of equipment to a high level, it will require a large amount of Honing Materials for upgrading. And the possibility of success is not high. The failure also cost a lot of Honing Materials.

Luckily, players can get Honing Materials for all three tiers from several Side Quests and Island Quests. The Island Quests can be easily found in the game, and players can obtain Pirate Coins in the process of complete these quests. You can find a lot of island in the map of Lost Ark, And there are a variety of Side Quests waiting for players to complete.

Side Quests That Reward For Gold

Although Gold doesn’t show an important role in the early stage of Lost Ark, players will find the importance of Gold when they begin to use the Market or trade for the Honing Materials.

There are many ways to make Gold in Lost Ark, most of them are related with Side Quests Rewards. Just like Engraving Books and Honing Materials, it is not the only way to get Gold in the game. Players can obtain them in other ways, too. Selling the extra items in the market is a good way to obtain a large amount of Gold in a short time. So, if players encounter Side Quests with gold, please don’t miss them.

In Lost Ark, players should not only pay attention to the main story quests, but also remember to complete various Side Quests in the meantime. If players meet problems in the process of Abyss Dungeons, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to upgrade the levels of weapons in time in order to defeat hard bosses.


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