Clicking Post-COVID: 7 Industries Embracing Remote Operations After the Pandemic

One of the many changes brought about by covid was a significant increase in remote work as employees worldwide became unexpectedly quarantined. Even as cases eased up and the workforce slowly eased back into normality, many companies began taking advantage of work-from-home benefits.  

Continue reading for an inside look into seven industries latching onto remote work long term.

Notary public services

The notary public industry has exploded since 2020, as more people began opting for online options due to in-person meetings falling by the wayside. There are mobile and remote online notary services to help with documentation authentication. 


With more people clocking in from home computers and workstations, a severe need arose to insulate and protect companies from the potential threats created by these less secure access points.

In addition, the cybersecurity industry realized tech professionals could thrive from home with the ability to access most data remotely, eliminating the need for an in-person cybersecurity team.

Social media

Social media became a digital lifeline for people attempting to keep hold of human connection during the pandemic. With the advent of new sites and increased users, an influx of social media positions opened up to keep platforms running smoothly.

Fortunately, social media consultants can easily work from home, allowing them to stay productive based on work completed instead of a strict set of hours. 


Let’s face it, banks and other financial institutions have taken advantage of online resources for years, enabling consumers to bypass long lines and lengthy trips for most transactions. With no banks to walk into, tellers, bank reps, and salespeople also ended up online—surprisingly, in a much more effective way.

Financial industries have begun cutting overhead costs by keeping people home, eliminating the need for expensive office spaces. 

Digital marketing

For those in digital marketing, the transition to remote work was a simple switch, with most digital artists thriving in individual and at-home workspaces. For digital and tech-based marketing businesses, in particular, remote employment is highly desirable. 

Education and tutoring

Though there are pros and cons to online education, the pandemic forced many school districts’ hands by transitioning to a fully-online format during the height of quarantine. However, the change proved a great way to tutor and provide feedback to children needing support during the lockdown.

Online education and tutoring options remain viable ways to aid students. Plus, the industry is growing rapidly and remotely, with college prep taking off in online spheres for higher education.

Customer service

Most in the customer service industry are thrilled with at-home positions. Companies can keep their staff remote and reduce overhead by eliminating expensive office spaces in favor of individual setups at a lowered cost. 

Additionally, the chat agent industry has exploded, with workers gravitating toward this career as fully remote. 

Bringing it home

The industries mentioned above have found value in the increased productivity and reduced cost of having a remote workforce.

The benefits of staying remote instead of resuming everyday office work are hard to ignore. Both the employees and industries worldwide are seeing the logic for the change.

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